Planning and co-ordinating your team is hectic!

You feel like this… Way Too Often

Planning and co-ordinating your team is hectic!<br> You feel like this... <b>Way Too Often</b>

The phone rings off the hook all day long. Customers asking for software changes or reporting issues that need fixing.

Your e-mail inbox is constantly being bombarded with more of the same.
But this time not just requests and demands from customers but also internal requests.

Your boss details some great idea that they want the team to work on pronto. The support team needs some urgent assistance.
The development team also needs assistance. Yikes!

OK. Now where do I start? I have a team of 7 people I can delegate to…
What needs to be done first?

…Ok, that e-mail looks kind of important. I wonder if I can get James to address the customers issue.

What is James working on?

Oh CRAP. No idea. I’ll go and ask him…
Walks over to James… He looks kind of angry. Best not interrupt him.

I wonder if Emma could address it. She’s working from home. I’ll try and call her.

… Phone rings out.

I’ll forward her the e-mail.

Fwd: To Emma

Hi Emma,
please address this customer request.

Good. Ok now whats next?
Phone rings: Brrr Brrr

Hi, Christopher from software corp

Hello Christopher, its Robert (a consultant out in the field doing an install).
Hi Robert, what’s up?

I’ve installed magic accounts at Glenbrooks, I tried to start it up but I am getting a message **Access Violation** or something.
Can you get someone to help me?

Scratch head…
Ummm who can I get to look at this.
Sends an e-mail to Sarah the original developer of the software.

Hi Sarah,
could you please look into the issue Robert is having at Glenbrooks?


E-mail received from Sarah Jones

Sorry I am on Annual Leave. I will be returning on the 21/04/17.
Please send any enquiries onto Christopher.

The boss Michael walks over.

Christopher, I just got a call from Robert out at Glenbrooks. Hes having problems with magic accounts.
Have you done anything about it?… he says he is dieing there infront of the customer.

Oh and Alison from Brentworth is saying she wants to throw our software out because she’s upset at our lack of communication.

I’m starting to wonder if this is the right job for you.

If this story rings true to you, I have created something which will fix your life.

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