Installation Instructions – For Mortals

Expected time: about 5 minutes.

  1. Copy the MyTeamPlan zip file into your target directory
  2. Extract the zip file
  3. In your web browser, navigate to the target domain and directory you are installing to with /install appended to the end. For example
  4. You will be prompted by an installation wizard. Fill in all of the fields… The details prompted will be as below

    Fields include:

    hosting URL (include http://)

    MySQL Database Settings (mandatory)

    Database Host Machine
    Database User
    Database Password
    Database Name

    SMTP E-mail Alert Settings (optional)

    E-mail From Address
    E-mail From Name
    SMTP Host
    SMTP Port
    SMTP Username
    SMTP Password

    Inbound E-mail Settings (optional)

    POP3 / IMAP server
    POP3 / IMAP Account
    POP3 / IMAP Account Password
    POP3 / IMAP Account Protocol (pop3 or imap)
    POP3 / IMAP Port
    POP3 / IMAP SSL? (true or false):
  5. Click the install button
  6. You will be taken to a login prompt. Login with username: administrator password:administrator
  7. Navigate to users -> users board
  8. Select administrator
  9. Change the password to something secure! You don’t want someone uninvited logging in.

DONE! It’s that easy.