A strange but effective depression treatment

Anyone who is coping with anxiety and or depression, this is very interesting! There is, in many cases a causal link between ones gut health and mental state.


It turns out that vitamin b12 which is a precursor to seratonin won’t be absorbed into the bloodstream except through a well functioning gut with appropriate flora and fauna.

If you are going through an mental health episode and find that your metabolic system and immune system are seemingly also out of sorts try some probiotics like innerhealth plus and it might be the trick!

There is tonnes of evidence to this effect, but for some reason this is the first I’ve heard of it!

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A Programmers Graphic Design Rules Of Thumb

A Programmers Graphic Design Rules Of Thumb

Being a programmer, graphic design doesn’t come natural. For this reason a set of rules were devised or distilled from observations of what designers do to make things look cool.

Ample Whitepsace

Adequate whitespace; use lots of padding around design elements.


Images are important. Use high resolution images to make a webpage interesting

Font selection:

The Google fonts Roboto and Raleway almost always work


Try and keep everything consistent and symmetrical. Asymmetry looks wrong.

Check out this amazing tool!


This is colour schemes for programmers!