About The Lean Startup – by Eric Ries

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries describes a method whereby the risk of a project is mitigated through the early delivery of a product to market to guage the markets response.

If the market responds favorably to a product you keep refining and improving it in iterations, delivering it to market at every step.

If the market responds unfavorably to the product you have met a decision point whereby you need to re-evaluate and change direction. This is refered to as a pivot.

The Lean Startup mitigates the risk of overcapitalising a losing product. By testing the market at each critical juncture you almost ensure that at the end of the project you have delivered something that the market values.

My PM Strategy

  • Give clear job / task priorities so the team knows what to work on and when
  • Vet requirements to ensure they are clearly stated and unabiguous
  • Define jobs, tasks, subtasks, milestones in such a way that makes everything a series of quick wins building towards a big win.
  • Reduce excessive noise (eg outside requests) / that make demands on the devs time
  • Provide assistance wherever it is needed whether that be assistance in nutting out a coding problem, obtaining resources, doing some research…
  • Report to higher management, giving clear rationale as to why things have been done in a particular way. Always defending the dev team if needed.

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