MyTeamPlan User Guide

Getting Started with MyTeamPlan

Secure the software:

When you first install MyTeamPlan you will be able to log in with the default generated user

Username: administrator
Password: administrator

The first thing you should do is change the administrator password to something secure.

To do this click the users tab, and then select the users board button.

The users board will pop up. Find the card for the administrator user and then select the details button.

Now go down to the password field and enter a new secure password, write it down somewhere and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the save button.

Add users:

In the users board, click the add new button to start the add user process.

Enter the users details.

Select the most appropriate HomeUI view for each user.

For an administrator or project manager the best view is the all project board.

For a project team member the best view is the My Task Board.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select save.

Add customers:

Click the customers tab.

Click the customers board button.

Click the add new button

Enter the customers details

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click save.

Add a default project template:

Click the templates and checklists tab

Click the project templates button

Click Add New

Enter the name “Default”

Enter the description “Default”

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click save.

Add a project:

Click the projects tab

Click the projects board button

Click the add new button

Enter your project details.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click save.

Add users to the project:

Click the users button on the projects card.

Click the add new button

Select a user you want to add to the project

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click save.

Add tasks to the project:

Click the tasks button on the projects card.

Click the add new button.

Enter the tasks details.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click save.

Add subtasks to the task:

Click the subtasks button on a task card.

Click the add new button.

Enter the subtasks details.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click save.

This should have given you a good insight into how to use MyTeamPlan.

More to come later!

Installation Instructions

Expected time: about 5 minutes.

  1. Copy the MyTeamPlan zip file into your target directory
  2. Extract the zip file
  3. In your web browser, navigate to the target domain and directory you are installing to with /install appended to the end. For example
  4. You will be prompted by an installation wizard. Fill in all of the fields… The details prompted will be as below

    Fields include:

    hosting URL (include http://)

    MySQL Database Settings (mandatory)

    Database Host Machine
    Database User
    Database Password
    Database Name

    SMTP E-mail Alert Settings (optional)

    E-mail From Address
    E-mail From Name
    SMTP Host
    SMTP Port
    SMTP Username
    SMTP Password

    Inbound E-mail Settings (optional)

    POP3 / IMAP server
    POP3 / IMAP Account
    POP3 / IMAP Account Password
    POP3 / IMAP Account Protocol (pop3 or imap)
    POP3 / IMAP Port
    POP3 / IMAP SSL? (true or false):
  5. Click the install button
  6. You will be taken to a login prompt. Login with username: administrator password:administrator
  7. Navigate to users -> users board
  8. Select administrator
  9. Change the password to something secure! You don’t want someone uninvited logging in.

DONE! It’s that easy.

A strange but effective depression treatment

Anyone who is coping with anxiety and or depression, this is very interesting! There is, in many cases a causal link between ones gut health and mental state.

It turns out that vitamin b12 which is a precursor to seratonin won’t be absorbed into the bloodstream except through a well functioning gut with appropriate flora and fauna.

If you are going through an mental health episode and find that your metabolic system and immune system are seemingly also out of sorts try some probiotics like innerhealth plus and it might be the trick!

There is tonnes of evidence to this effect, but for some reason this is the first I’ve heard of it!

Get more information on this topic:
Depression Information

A Programmers Graphic Design Rules Of Thumb

A Programmers Graphic Design Rules Of Thumb

Being a programmer, graphic design doesn’t come natural. For this reason a set of rules were devised or distilled from observations of what designers do to make things look cool.

Ample Whitepsace

Adequate whitespace; use lots of padding around design elements.


Images are important. Use high resolution images to make a webpage interesting

Font selection:

The Google fonts Roboto and Raleway almost always work


Try and keep everything consistent and symmetrical. Asymmetry looks wrong.

Check out this amazing tool!

This is colour schemes for programmers!

The role of the Technical Lead / Lead Developer and other musings

The role of the Technical Lead / Lead Developer and other musings

What is the true role of the technical lead / lead developer in a software project team?

A particularly insightful reply to a post on the importance of the tech lead in a development team

From: GirishThe team should be able to function without having one dominant person dictating the tech stack, functions and processes. That is not the ideal of a Tech lead and I agree that thought leadership should be encouraged within the team.

For me, the Tech Lead is the bridge between the wider goals of the business and the respective technical team delivering part of that vision. He/She connects the team to the bigger wheel and ensures the work they do contribute to delivering the strategic technical vision of the wider organisation. Very often, this is hard for an entire team to understand and deliver on whilst being focused on the details of making a near-perfect product.

At times, this may be possible without the need for a Tech Lead, such as in small companies working on a single product. Other times, you do need a Tech Lead in my opinion – not to be the team’s dictator but to make them understand why a particular methodology may not be helpful to the organisation’s technical vision in the long term so as to stand out from their competition in the market, for example.

For now I can’t see how that is *just* a shared skill-set. It is in the interest of most large organisations to make it a well defined role, for everyone loves to have one person accountable so as discuss things with.

Also, this role is mandated ownership of delivering technical direction so as to achieve the organisation’s objectives and would be expected to be aware of the historical decisions in direction and also justify the new methodologies taken.

He/She should be also be adept at matching individual development goals with organisational goals so as to scale both the team and the organisation well and be the proper spokesperson for the team to the board execs. A mere mediator also will not suffice here.

More criteria of the tech lead:

  • The tech lead needs to be of a high level of technical proficiency, the higher the better. Technical people operate to some degree as a meritocracy, respect is awarded as it is deserved usually according to ones technical proficiency. No-one will will be taken seriously as a tech lead unless they have the requisite chops to earn the respect of their peers.
  • The tech lead needs to have a flexible, empathetic personality.
  • They need to be soft and nurturing – at times
  • stern and resolute at other times.
  • The tech lead needs to be inspiring and hard working.
  • A good communicator to all levels of business.
  • A tech lead can be a critical success factor within a development team!

The people in your team are VERY VERY SMART

So you need to treat them like very very smart people.
So how do very smart team members like to be treated?
For one, they need autonomy, don’t micro manage smart people.
Never ever talk down to them, despite the org chart they are your peers and you are lucky to work with them.
Don’t try and coerce them. If they make a mistake they tend to beat themselves up. Rather offer to help them, or provide the resources they need to help them get the job they are working on over the line.

Over time you will develop a mutual respect and friendship and you will all delight in making cool things!

Planning and co-ordinating your team is hectic!

You feel like this… Way Too Often

Planning and co-ordinating your team is hectic!<br> You feel like this... <b>Way Too Often</b>

The phone rings off the hook all day long. Customers asking for software changes or reporting issues that need fixing.

Your e-mail inbox is constantly being bombarded with more of the same.
But this time not just requests and demands from customers but also internal requests.

Your boss details some great idea that they want the team to work on pronto. The support team needs some urgent assistance.
The development team also needs assistance. Yikes!

OK. Now where do I start? I have a team of 7 people I can delegate to…
What needs to be done first?

…Ok, that e-mail looks kind of important. I wonder if I can get James to address the customers issue.

What is James working on?

Oh CRAP. No idea. I’ll go and ask him…
Walks over to James… He looks kind of angry. Best not interrupt him.

I wonder if Emma could address it. She’s working from home. I’ll try and call her.

… Phone rings out.

I’ll forward her the e-mail.

Fwd: To Emma

Hi Emma,
please address this customer request.

Good. Ok now whats next?
Phone rings: Brrr Brrr

Hi, Christopher from software corp

Hello Christopher, its Robert (a consultant out in the field doing an install).
Hi Robert, what’s up?

I’ve installed magic accounts at Glenbrooks, I tried to start it up but I am getting a message **Access Violation** or something.
Can you get someone to help me?

Scratch head…
Ummm who can I get to look at this.
Sends an e-mail to Sarah the original developer of the software.

Hi Sarah,
could you please look into the issue Robert is having at Glenbrooks?


E-mail received from Sarah Jones

Sorry I am on Annual Leave. I will be returning on the 21/04/17.
Please send any enquiries onto Christopher.

The boss Michael walks over.

Christopher, I just got a call from Robert out at Glenbrooks. Hes having problems with magic accounts.
Have you done anything about it?… he says he is dieing there infront of the customer.

Oh and Alison from Brentworth is saying she wants to throw our software out because she’s upset at our lack of communication.

I’m starting to wonder if this is the right job for you.

If this story rings true to you, I have created something which will fix your life.

About The Lean Startup – by Eric Ries

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries describes a method whereby the risk of a project is mitigated through the early delivery of a product to market to guage the markets response.

If the market responds favorably to a product you keep refining and improving it in iterations, delivering it to market at every step.

If the market responds unfavorably to the product you have met a decision point whereby you need to re-evaluate and change direction. This is refered to as a pivot.

The Lean Startup mitigates the risk of overcapitalising a losing product. By testing the market at each critical juncture you almost ensure that at the end of the project you have delivered something that the market values.

My PM Strategy

  • Give clear job / task priorities so the team knows what to work on and when
  • Vet requirements to ensure they are clearly stated and unabiguous
  • Define jobs, tasks, subtasks, milestones in such a way that makes everything a series of quick wins building towards a big win.
  • Reduce excessive noise (eg outside requests) / that make demands on the devs time
  • Provide assistance wherever it is needed whether that be assistance in nutting out a coding problem, obtaining resources, doing some research…
  • Report to higher management, giving clear rationale as to why things have been done in a particular way. Always defending the dev team if needed.