The best bang for buck Web Based Task Management System on the market!

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Beat Depression and Anxiety
Beat Depression and Anxiety

Team Discipline - Systematised

Process oriented with appropriate checks and balances.
Best practices enforced by clever software.

Forged in the crucible of LEAN and MEAN teams

MyTeamPlan is team / project management software custom designed to specifically address the common pain points and shortcomings of the other products on the market.
The emphasis is on what matters. Addressing the problems most teams / businesses have through very affordable software!
Upgrade your normal team to HIGH PERFORMANCE!

Affordable and powerful

By far the most bang software in the Project Management Software market

Easy to use

My Team Plan is designed with an easy-to-use interface that helps keep team members on top of individual tasks within any major project. With its navigable design and the ability to assign and track team member’s tasks, this software makes keeping track of the big picture simple.

What is MyTeamPlan Project Management Software?

MyTeamPlan is web based Project Management Software that supports the division of projects into tasks and subtasks allowing them to be tracked on Kanban style boards, lists and calendars. The unique user interface allows each team member to see and interact with a focused view of their project work, allowing communications about the work to be propagated in a top down and bottom up manner.

Feature Packed

MyTeamPlan has all your organisations needs covered

Knowledge Base

Documents Repository

E-mail to Task Conversion

E-mail to Project Conversion

E-mail Inbox Processing

E-mail Alerts

Team Performance Reporting

Kanban Functionality

Task Diary Notes

Project Diary Notes

Customer Diary Notes


Task Templating

Project Templating

Checklist Templating

User Task Lists

User Project Lists

Customer Project Lists

Checklists at Task Level

Checklists at Project Level

Subtask Tracking

Task Tracking

Project Tracking